My garage doors are BORING! Let’s spice it up!


So I my husband and I bought a slice of the America Dream this past summer. We purchased a 1964 Ranch style house (I don’t care it that it was listed as Traditional style home, I know a Ranch when I see one!) from the estate of a couple who had loved this house as it was. We intend to do just that. The house still has the original wood panelling in the living area. Formica countertops with satellite starbursts.  We even bought the Pinch Pleat drapes that were in the house. We intend to keep so many of these things original. However, one thing that wasn’t original were the garage doors. Continue reading


Let’s make some Landgirl dungarees! Part 1


Welcome to part one of  my attempt to make a World War 2 era pair of Land girl Dungarees. I’m using the Wearing History ePattern in size B. My top is a size A but my bottom is a B. I purchased the B pack because I’ve learned it’s easier to take away than add to patterns, but that is just personal preference. Make sure you read the measurements section to ensure you buy the right size. Wearing History has the option to purchase printed pattern pack, but I opted for the Print at Home pattern. Continue reading